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April 12, 2011



Came to you off of Country Girl Kate's site..... will pray. My 4 y/o is becoming quite the prayer warrior (pretty cool to watch) and we'll put you in our prayer jar. May God continue to be with you!


Dear Sarah;
Today I'm grateful to join you here, and to stand with YOU.

Please know that folks you never met, really do care and feel with you in your present struggle.

Words can be vile things when we spread them too thick, so I will just send you my sincere healing intentions with Warm Aloha from Waikiki.

I WILL be back here to see what you are up to-

Comfort Spiral





here are some new thoughts and prayers just for you.....
buckets full of them !!


Thinking of you ...


Sending prayers up on your behalf! Blessings and healing to you and always HOPE!


Sarah~ I come via Country Girl~ as a woman, a Nurse, daughter, mother...human..your courageousness and bravery are much admired. To post and be able to maintain some type of strength through this is amazing...also perhaps your own therapy..
From my lips to God's ears...wishing you health and healing...

Please know of my prayers for you Sarah, may God surround you with his love as you travel this unfamiliar journey...I love your photography!


I, too, have come from Kate's place, and just wanted to send light and healing thoughts to you. I will keep you in my thoughts.


Sending prayers of strength and healing your way!



Please know of my prayers for you Sarah, may God surround you with his love as you travel this unfamiliar journey...I love your photography!

denise S.

I saw this from another blog and quickly said a prayer for you and your family.I do know that prayer is wonderful and powerful and will help you along this part of your journey.

Live with Flair

I prayed for you. God is near.


Sarah - I read your story in Kate's blog, Country Girl. My prayers are with you. Stay strong and be comforted!


Dear Sarah,
You are on my prayer list, for healing and also for the strength to deal with this. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. Life is sure not fair. I'm praying also for your beautiful daughters and husband.

Randy Giffing

Sara, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Jenny (jaydub26)

Hugs winging your way across the ocean from New Zealand. Kia Kaha (Maori for 'stand strong') my friend

tracey petersen

I am so very sorry that you have had this news. Stay strong and fight hard.

Kathie Bass

Sarah, coming from Chronicles of a Country Girl's blog to send my prayers and wishing for an easy and complete treatment. I am a Stage 3B BC survivor, diagnosed Oct. 2004, chemo, and Tamoxifen,recurrence July, 2010, surgery, radiation for 6 weeks last fall. I live every day in thankfulness but fear of another recurrence.You will remain on my prayer list and I have become a follower to stay in touch.


Prayers and healing thoughts coming your way from Connecticut ! I believe a blanket of prayers saved my daughter from a devastating car accident and weeks of coma. Miracles happen and prayer works. I'm adding a patch to your quilt of prayers-


visiting from Kates blog... You and yours are in Our prayers and thoughts today and always.

Jan R.

As a breast cancer survivor and mother, my heart goes out to you.
Please hold on to your hope. I'm praying things work out for you and your family. As you know, medical advances are happening every day. Who knows when the cure will come? Stay strong, Sara!

Nurse Jane

Sent over here by Country Girl Kate...sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Mental P Mama

I came from Kate's place and will be holding you and your family in my prayers.


All this love and care being sent your way by so many...
Add mine. Big Hug {{ }}

Jen at Cabin Fever

Sending you my thoughts and support! You're an amazingly strong woman. Trust in that. Cancer is a sick and disgusting beast. :(

Country Gal

My heart, prayers and thoughts go out to you. I am so sorry this has happend.

Country Girl gave us a little of your story. We are all with you in beating this and for support when ever you need your blogger friends.


Just learned about you from Kate, that good soul at Chronicles of a Country Girl. I will pray every day that you know peace and courage, and the love of those close to you. Miracles abound, and love is the greatest of these. Keep on keepin' on, Sarah! We are all behind you, every day.

two crazy crafters

Sarah, that is what we are all here for, lifting one another up and standing together. I am praying for you and am with you in spirit. Twyla


Hey Sarah, I came over from Kate's site too. Sending love and prayers to you.



I came over from Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl hoping you have days filled with sunshine and happiness. Prayers for you and your family always!!

noe noe girl

Holding you in my prayers Sarah! God is holding you in his hands.


I'm sorry for your struggles and send my best healing thoughts your way. Here via Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl.


You and your family are loved so much by so many people. You are a very lucky woman, Sarah. I believe that all these prayers and well wishes and positive vibes will only bring you more luck.
Much love and hugs. Good luck today.


Many prayers are being said for you, plz know that with God, you will be steady, and I will pray not just for healing of the body, but rest for the spirit and soul for you and your family.


So sorry for what you are going through. Stay strong and persevere! Your strength will see you through.


over from Kate's to say stay tough and stay angry its in you .. I am a cancer survivor and I truly believe being angry with it helps ... lots of people are about you ..


Coming to you through Country Girl. Am a BC survivor so praying for you. Keep your good attitude and faith. I know it ain't easy! Bless you.


I am here from Kate's blog - I am very sorry to hear this and wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

firefly hill

oh Sarah I am so sorry to read this! I wish you Godspeed as you start this new phase of treatment.




God holds you tenderly in his hands - ya gotta believe it even though life hands you crappy news. We (you & I) don't know one another, yet I sense a connection. Breast Cancer has loomed large in my immediate family. First, my Mom, now, my 53 year old sister who last week learned of her recurrence. Thank you for sharing your journey; your strength is enviable. Will be keeping you & your beautiful family in my prayers.

Lisa Powers

Sarah: I am praying and thinking of you often. I have a group of prayer warriors I am going to ask to pray for you and your family. Their prayer has done amazing things for so many faced with serious illness. I wish I lived closer and could physically help you with whatever you might need. Know so many care about you.
Psalm 103:1-4
Praise the LORD, O my soul;
all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

Praise the LORD, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits-

who forgives all your sins
and heals all your diseases,

who redeems your life from destruction,
who crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies.


Dear Sarah,
First of all, you and my daughter share the same's beautiful and means princess! I came across your story from Kate over at Chronicles of a Country broke my heart to hear how life has delt you an unfair hand and then I came here and saw your beautiful gift of photography as well and find myself asking why does this happen to good people? Of course I'll never get an answer to that, but I hope and pray that you will get an answer of hope, a miracle...a new chance. We'll probably never meet, but please know that I'm thinking of you here in my home in Norway and praying for strong and be positive...
Warm hugs from Amy at Eventyrhus


HI Sarah! I have linked over here from Kates Chronicles of a Country Girl... My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue on this journey....Cancer has touched my family and all I can say is...Cancer Sucks!


Deborah Catoe

May God grant you serenity, may He hold you and your family softly in His arms, as He Listens to the prayers in your behalf


I, like all the others, will be praying for you and your beautiful family. It's strange how someone that you have never met can impact your life as you have so many of ours. We cherish you as a friend and ask that God helps you through this time. Hugs!!!!!


I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


no words....just hugs and prayers


will pray for you...


This is my first time to your blog - I came over from Chronicles of Country Girl - I am a cancer survivor and I am going to say this - YOU GO GIRL AND KICK CANCER'S ASS (sorry I hope I can use that word here!).

From one Ass kicker to another - you can do this! I will send all my prayers your way too today!

Linda powers

I was sad to read when I read your story on Country Girl's post today. hugs from New Jersey. Kill cancer.

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