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April 28, 2011


Dot O

I am so glad you are almost done with these treatments and even more thrilled that the side effects have been somewhat minimal. You are truly an example of the power of prayer, Sarah, and also an example of someone who is so loved.....


I am so happy to hear that you are almost done and that the side effects haven't been too bad! You are amazing! KeepIng you in my prayers! I know what you mean about the flowers and how beautiful they all are right now. I think it's because this winter was so cold! Mine are blooming and I am just loving them!!

Country Gal

I am glad to hear all is going well with the treatments for you with minimal side affects and that they are almost finished. You truely are a amazing an insperation to us all!
Lovely photos! My flowers have all bloomed finally and I love them, now we are planing for more ! Take care , keeping you in my prayers!

M.J. Jacobsen

You are truly amazing, and sounds like truly loved too! Anyone that just jumps in there is a saint!
Love the pic by Miss H!


So glad to hear that your treatments are almost done and the side affects haven't been too bad. Your sis in law sounds like a wonderful person.
Miss H takes after her mama when it comes to photography ;)

Two Barking Dogs

So glad to hear your spirit is high, and the chemo is almost over.


Love you, Sarah... you cross my mind often and I'm glad things are going well with the chemo. I wake up 5 AM often. It's a nice time to enjoy they quiet of the day, especially in these gorgeous spring months of the year.

I'm having a giveaway so come see...


sarah - happy to hear that you only have 4 to go! i've been so concerned not seeing any updates from you. can't wait to see pics of the flowers!!!


Just know there are so many people thinking about you and praying for you. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is going on this weekend in DC so that we may continue to fight this battle and find a cure.


I, too have been through chemo and radiation and shared your problem with sleeplessness,Ask your doctor about taking Ativan (anti-anxiety) or ambien (sleeping pill). Both are really effective and easy to stop taking when you don't need them anymore. Cancer patients are dealing with enough without having to suffer needlessly with side effects. You need your sleep! :- ) Good luck, Sarah!


Oh, the steroids. My husband hated that the most. I see that the reader above mentioned Ativan, which my husband used. The Ambien didn't work for sleeping, however. It was actually the Ativan that worked for that (for him, anyway). He did get a lot done, though ~ but the mood swings were pretty severe.
My prayers continue for you. xo


You continue to be in our prayers each day!

Weekend Cowgirl

Great to hear that treatments will be finished soon. Your flowers sound lovely and it is great to have people that will come help you out. Hope you can get an RX to help you get some sleep...


It was so strange to me to think of all those chemos, all those seemed interminable, and yet we are talking about six months. I'm here to tell you that the day will come when your hair is back, and you've resumed life, and you'll find yourself thinking back and feeling that it was all a bad dream.

Jamielyn Nye

Just found your blog, and it is so inspiring. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing.

I Nap Time


Happy Mother's Day!!


Thinking about you Sarah and hoping all is well!

Tammy Kelly

Praying for you and your family.

stephanie harsh

Stay strong, Sarah. I know you can pull through this. Thoughts and prayers coming your way in abundance.


Just checking in. You remain in my thoughts and prayers, daily.



I can not begin to tell you how much you are loved, Sarah, and what a void you leave behind.

I wish you, Paul, the girls and all your family and friends strength, faith and courage to cope with this enormous loss.

Denice (inkstitch)

My prayers are with Sarah and her family. May God bless and keep you. xo


Just read of your passing, and I cannot begin to tell you of the loss I feel. You were an truly an inspiration to me in so many ways. I will continue to pray for your beautiful family, your puppies, and your amazing spirit! The world is indeed a darker place without your shining light today! Rest in peace and thank you for all you did while you were here. You were a gift to us.


Sarah you will be greatly missed by many especially me. You helped me and offered advice on a health issue and I will always remember your kind heart. We had horses in common and daughters named Hannah. My heart is heavy due to your passing...


Knowing you are in the arms of God makes your passing a little less painful. Prayers to your family.


What a beautiful light you were.


I am so sorry to hear of Sarah's passing. May God keep you all in the palm of His hand and help you through this very difficult time. I will miss seeing Sarah around SJA. We will keep Little E close to help her through the loss of her mother. Although I did not know Sarah well, the loss is felt deeply. She is so very loved by so many and will never be forgotten. God be with the entire family.


Dearest'll forever be in my heart.....


It was heartbreaking to hear the news of Sarah's passing. She fought her battle with such courage and grace! A bright light has gone out for us, but heaven has a shining new star. Many thoughts and prayers for her family and friends. May the Lord provide you with strength, comfort and peace!


I am so sorry to hear of Sarah's passing. Prayers for all of her family. Julie


Peace be with you, Sarah


i am sad. yall are in my thoughts and prayers.


I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Sarah, my love and thoughts are with you. xx


Dear Sarah's family, I am so sorry to hear the news. I have loved reading Sarah's entries which were always so full of love for all of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


grace...pure grace.
RIP Dear girl


Oh, how I loved Sarah's words and photos and recipes and advice and compassionate, loving spirit. I blogged with her on Mothers with Cancer and am so sad to hear of her passing. I will just miss her immensely. To her family: Sarah is a bright, shining star of a mom, wife, sister and daughter. She always will be. God's grace and peace be with you.


My heart aches for your loss. May the Father of Comfort care for you in your sorrow and grief.

Jan B

I didn't know Sarah well but would chat in the carpool line at SJA, mostly about her beautiful children. You didn't have to know her well to realise what a sweet, warm and wonderful person she was. She has been in my prayers and I will continue to pray for all of you. She touched so many lives and will be missed by so very many. I still help at both SJA and JC and if there's anything I can do just let me know. May you all find comfort and strength to deal with your tragic loss. God bless you all.


I read her blog, my deepest sympathies.


Prayers going up and out for Sarah's family.. So sorry for your loss.. I have been following Sarah's Blog and have been hearing about her, through friends of her's, whom are friends of mine !! What a beautiful young woman.. I saw the beauty, she saw, through her eye's. RIP sweet Angel !!


I am heart broken to hear that Sarah has passed away. She was such an inspiration to me. I admired the way she created beauty all around her. You could see her great love for her children, her husband, her animals, the food she made, the photos she took. She appreciated every detail of life and helped others to appreciate it too. What a kind and gentle soul. I will miss her.

Alice C

I wanted to let you know that I have written a tribute to Sarah on my blog. She was a very special person and I will miss her. I send you my most sincere condolences and hope that the many wonderful memories that you have of Sarah will console you.

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Jan R.

So saddened to hear of Sara's passing.Her light will live on in her beautiful children. Please help keep the fight against breast cancer going in any way you can. Too many women are dying in what should be the best years of their lives.A cure must be found. My condolences to a beautiful family.

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