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November 03, 2010


Dot O

That is just the absolute best! Glad little E had a "home school" day. Funny how things work out sometimes...


That gave me the shivers..I know that feeling of patience and reward with camera in hand... And to have your girl with you as well!!


They are a beautiful sight!!!
Last year one swooped down in my backyard I was so close to it, what a sight.


Beautiful pics.
Love little E's bird feeder too!


wow. i see them a lot here, but i NEVER have my camera with me! such beautiful pictures, sarah.


Glad you had your telephoto on your camera. Every time I go down to the river to try and get a photo, they are always up in the trees and too far away for my small telephoto (always get lens envy when I see all of the gigantic lenses some people have down there). Glad you got the opportunity today, so cool!!!

Hilary Cooper-Kenny

Very special moments......and beautiful pics

Weekend Cowgirl

What a great day. I loved it when mine got to stay home. Cute project and great eagle photos... perfect day.


As always, beautiful pictures and a great moment to share with your daughter.


Gods Grace!! great day..

firefly hill

Wonderful! I love the pictures...


What a gift! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. A memorable walk, indeed.

The bird feeder makes me smile. As I recall, we used to make then out of white plastic bleach bottles (our milk came in glass, way back then - someone hand me my cane!) and hang one in a pine tree outside the kitchen window. We put an old hockey puck in the bottom to keep the bottle from blowing around too much. I remember the day we looked out the kitchen window to see a squirrel making off with the hockey puck firmly in its mouth!


Perfect that you and Little E got to share those moments with the Eagles soaring overhead together. And check out that blue sky Virginia was having. There should be more of them in the week ahead.... let's hope! BUT, clear skies means cold temps at night... brrrrr. Stay warm.


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