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July 30, 2010



Ah man, that image of the trash cans... ick! Hey hope he isn't kissing and chewing cheeks afte he's lapped up the toilet water!

Our issue with the canine of the house is the litter pan. Those lovely coated cat treats are always a delight for the Beastie. That is our battle.

Good luck—and um, I hope for your sakes, he learns quickly, cuz I can't imagine having to clean up the garage after a mess like that!


Finny sounds so much like our Hope! She is so in to the same stuff as him. Chewing up stuff, getting into the barn cat food bin and the garbage. Ugh! But I love her so. She is so much fun and Ruby loves her. They are hysterical when they play.


What a naughty boy! It's hard to discipline them at that age because despite making you angry, he's probably also quite funny!

M.J. Jacobsen

It's a good thing he is so darn cute!!

Samantha ~ Holly & Zac ~

Oh dear, Puppy hood - such fun times...hehe
It soon flies by though, they grow up so quick.


We had a dog that I didn't think we could keep, he was so bad. We had him neutered, no change. People kept saying, "Wait til he turns 2." He turned 2, no change. Finally at about 2 1/2, he calmed down slightly, but my friends still delight in telling stories about him to people who don't know him.


The toilet makes a perfect water bowl.

(george wrote this, not me)

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