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June 04, 2010



I am hoping hard that the blood transfusion continues to make you feel better/stronger.

I dream of being able to photograph blue eggs in a nest!

THe blue of which is reflected in your lovely girl's cap and gown.. congratulations Miss E.


On my studio wall I have pinned a photo of the same type of turquoise eggs in a nest!

I hope you are feeling better soon, &etc XX

Is that a graduation from primary school? wow. looks so formal! Amazing. And she seems so grown up from the photos of her as a little girl dressing up in scottish clothes!


I just realised there IS a littler girl...LOL!


She looks beautiful, Sarah! You both are doing a fantastic job :)

I am glad you're feeling better now, and hope that in the coming week you'll feel like climbing a mountain. Maybe not Everest, but Mount Washington might be a good practice :P

Enjoy your weekend!!


Love the egg pic. Can't wait to see what pops out!
2 awards AND beautiful. How proud you must be!

Samantha ~ Holly & Zac ~

Miss E looks beautiful, well done to her. I can see why you and hubby are both very proud of her. :)

The nest is exciting, I hope you get baby birdies soon.

I have given up hope with ours, I don't think the mum knew what she was

I am glad you are feeling better now. :)


I love visiting your site mostly for the photos but I'm so glad to hear you are doing well and hanging in there. I hope you are continuing to feel better after the transfusion. Congrats to Miss E.


I'm sorry you had to spend some time at the hospital but am glad to hear that it made you feel so much better!! I'm also happy to hear that you didn't miss out on your daughter's graduation!

The Vamp Tramp

Sarah, your upbeat, positive attitude never fail to amaze and inspire me. I'm glad you're doing well. And congrats to Miss E!

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