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May 27, 2010



Poor Finn. It's hard being a puppy!


I haven't looked at your blog for a couple months. The other day I was showing my Mom your lovely pictures of your animals and recipes, and thought you had misdated your post. What's is that word doing back in your blog?? Give it crap, Sarah. Cancer has no place here. Please be well. Sending you my kicking ninja's from Nanaimo, Canada.


I am sorry about the shoes, but your spin on this is hysterical! his expressions are right on! bad doggie...bad!

Two Barking Dogs

OMG - that is one cute puppy! (Keep remembering, that one day he WILL grow out of it ... hopefully. My Clover has been a terror over the years, but it looks like at the age of 9 she's given up the chewing/destroying/eating of my house.

Good luck with your treatment.


He's not just cute, he's SO cute! That's too funny, Sarah :) Sorry about all that frustration you're going through, but really, I'm just laughing imagining you scolding Finny!

Hope H doesn't need her boots soon. I'm not sure if I would have been able to scold him, I probably would have looked at the shoes in horror until someone snapped me out of it!

Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you, hoping your count is up.


my dogs are rolling in that same nastiness. what IS it?? dead deer?? :) oh, the chewed up EXPENSIVE riding boots makes me sad. I have SO been there. puppies! can't live with 'em. can't live without 'em! :)

hope tomorrow goes well. xo.


We both posted baths today! I'm so sorry to hear about the chewing, however. There has to be a way to stop it. I had a puppy once who did that but eventually grew out of it.
Good luck.
(with all of it!)


He's just too cute!
Good luck. Something tells me he listens about as well as a teenager.

Miz Booshay

ruh ro.

Naughty doggie.

Thinking of you!



Yep.. been there done that with Max when he was a pup... and he chewed on things for a couple of years.... until that is we retrained ourselves to put all shoes away. I also had a pair of expensive shoes destroyed by my daughter's dog when I went to visit. It was MY fault for not putting them in the bedroom at night and closing the bedroom door where he couldn't have gotten at them.

His chewing will continue for a couple of years at least... human, train thyself with new habits. LOL

Kathy from Washington State

Ahh, memories of a black lab puppy by the name of Cooper and some very expensive brand new ballet shoes that were only carried by an outlet in a city 60 miles away and needed in 2 days for a performance. After the ballet shoes all of the Barbie dolls without arms didn't seem so bad.


And my golden puppy loved the taste of the garages overhead door wiring. It's a miracle she didn't get electrocuted! He IS so cute! Animals are great therapy when we aren't feeling great ourselves. Hope you are feeling better soon.


i'm sure none of this is funny for you - but the photos and the way you wrote it are hysterical. just what i needed today - thnx!

he is a precious pup!!!

The Vamp Tramp

Oh my gosh, that photo of Finn with his ears laying way back, looking guilty indeed... so cute!

Gina at CTG Ponies

We have sacrificed several pairs of shoes to the Zoey monster, including 2 pairs of my riding boots (I left them out, my fault) and a pair of T's favorite sneakers (she left them out too). Now we really pay attention to where we leave shoes.

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