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January 05, 2010



Every year when I take it down, I tend to have a moment with the tree, silently thanking it for having adorned my living room, spirited my family, wafted its scents throughout the space. Then we put it outside the front door in the yard until it's time to take give it away for mulching. That part saddens me, but then I'm reminded of how it goes back to the Earth, repeating the cycle of life.

Congratulations on your milestones, Sarah!


I used to get seriously depressed after the holidays until I decided to take on a project each year. That helped alot. Now I can say goodbye to holidays while looking forward to redecorating or painting or organizing something.
The ornaments are beautiful and I'm so happy for you and your cancerversary!
Love your pics too. That type of photography is called Bokeh right? It's beautiful!


After just getting home from two weeks of traveling, our tree will stay up for another week. I wasn't able to sit with a cup of hot cocoa and knit, so I'll look forward to that before our beautiful tree comes down. And when I put away this year, I'll add something special to the top of our box as a special surprise next year. thanks for the idea.
Blessings as you begin another cancer free year!!


It is a bittersweet feeling isn't it - the baubles and the decorations and the lights are so pretty and cheering.

Solar lights are huge here at the moment and so we are leaving up the little lights that glow in the trees and help us retain that feeling of festivity...


Congrats on the cancerversary!!!


Nostalgic time of the year, but to be honest, I am generally very ready to take down the decorations and put them away. Besides, it's been so cold outdoors that taking them down gave me something to do indoors.

It will be fun to take them out again next November!

The Blue Ridge Gal

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