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December 14, 2009



I was there as well but I did not get a chance to meet PW.

I already have a book and I am not entering your contest I just wanted to say Hi.


Oh I've been looking to get this book! How exciting that you got to meet her! Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win!


So thoughtful of you to think of your readers.

Nin / Virginia Peach

EEPS! This is on my Christmas list! What a great idea for a giveaway :)


WHAT fun! i love her site and photos - how wonderful of you to do this awesome giveaway. thanks!

marsha mifsud

I'd love this cookbook! I've been a fan of the Pioneer Women for a couple of years and think she is fabulous! Do you want our favorite recipe from the book? or ours in general?


I love her! When I was in the working world years ago, I met her and her husband because they were clients of ours. Marlboro is that handsome in person and Ree is a beautiful woman and so down to earth. I was elated to find her blog! Hope I win!!!!


She was here in Denver and I didn't find out until the day after she left. :( How cool that you got to meet her and even cooler that she knew who you were!

Spruce Hill

Just in general! I love new recipes!

Jo Jo

I love the Tres Leches cake (Hope I spelled that right!) It is yummy!!!!


wow! hubby got me it for Christmas and i can't settle for 1 favorite recipe!


Oh, I want it! I've tweeted about it too (to spread the word)!

Dew Drops

That looks like a beautiful cookbook. I have tryed some of her recipes on her blogsite and so far I think my favorite is the buscuit bites with Blue Cheese and butter. Not sure of the name of it but they are awesome. I have made them twice as appetizers for Survivor night get-togethers at my neighbour's house.
I think my favorite recipe though has to be my Grandmother's Red Flannels!!

Tami Weingartner

My favorite Ree definetley 2x baked potatoes......I have to say though....Pastor Ryan posted one for ricotta stuffed plum tomatoes that is just WONDERFUL too!

Merry Christmas!


Would love to win!



What a nice thing to do! My new favorite recipe is her Olive Cheese Bread. My son likes it so much I use it as a bribe for getting goods grades.

Jen Starr-Reivitt

I love to cook, but I feel a bit ashamed to say that I hadn't heard of the pioneer woman until I started seeing you blog about her and your tweets. So I can't give you my favorite recipe. But I love to cook and bake and if I did win the book I would surely try lots of the recipes.....especially if they look as good as they do in your pics and on her site and I will surely tell you which is my favorite:)


There are too many recipes to be able to choose just one! I've been a fan of hers for over 3 years now... let's see... I do love her meatball recipe! Thanks for doing such a great giveaway. How lucky you are that you got to meet her! =)


Not eligible for the drawing since I have my own signed copy but to let your other readers know, I cooked Creamy Rosemary potates last night for dinner and they were awesome!!!!!


I would love to win! :)


-->The cookbook is on my Christmas wishlist. I love her jalepeno poppers.


i have made several pioneer woman recipes, we really enjoyed her cornbread stuffing recipe for turkey day, first break away from my mother's traditional sage stuffing recipe. It was great! Currently I am really into the baked pasta with shrimp recipe. I made it the day I read the post and again two days ago. I want to tweak it a bit for our tastes, but its fun and fast.

Thanks for the book offer, I followed the link from your comment on pw's site. I like to do that to discover interesting new blogs, now I will take a better look at your blog...happy holidays!

Donna Gerding

My favorite PW recipe .... Asian Noodle Salad

Marilyn Martin

i love her sticky enjoying your site too...just found it!


I love Taco Pie!


I love Ree...wish she would come to North Carolina.


Forgot to tell you that I love her chocolate cake...and everything else she makes. How do you think she stays so slim?

Donna S.

I would love that book. Did you want our favorite Ree recipe??? Hmm. I have tried the Marlboro Man sandwich & her lasagna.


My family really enjoys the Crash Hot Potatoes. Just can't have them often because of the calories!

Laura S.

I love the buttered rosemary rolls hot out of the oven! Yum! Thanks for the chance to win her book :)

Heather O.

Chicken Spaghetti...By PW. Big hit at our house!

Just in case anyone missed it...

I wish she would have come closer to where I am or in a more drivable distance. Maybe next time...

Have a Merry Christmas!


Ooooooooh! I'm crossing my fingers - I'd love to have the cookbook! My love handles disagree, but what do they know?? Let's see my favorite recipe (at least the one I find easiest to whip up at a moment's notice) has got to be the apple dumplings posted on PW's website. They're always a big hit.

Love your blog!

M.J. Jacobsen

Would love to see her too, but I live in Stanwood, Wa, so too far for me!
I love her site, and have made a lot of her wonderful recipes, but the rosemary rolls rock my world!!
Your site is very beautiful, I visit a lot!

chocolate and whine

Hey this is on my Christmas wish list, too! I'm so jealous you got to meet her. I completely spaced out when she was in LA. Missed her by one day! Oh well.


You lucky gal you! What a fantastic Christmas gift!
aka LiBBy BuTTons


I asked Santa for her cookbook! Are you Santa? lol


Saw you over on Kates blog, Chronicles of a Country Girl, so I thought I'd stop by. Glad I did! Everyone seems to have such glowing things to say about PW. She certainly does have it all pulled together doesn't she? She sure did rock that Stevie Nicks look too ... only better than SN ; )

Hopefully you will enter my name in the drawing. The book looks wonderful!



Forgot to post my favorite recipe! I gotta say PW's lasagna. It takes awhile to make but it really is the best lasagna EVER.


How COOL that you got to meet her! I love her blog and am a member of Tasty Kitchen too! She has such fabulous recipes....I can't wait to try her cinnamon rolls!

Samantha ~ Holly & Zac ~

I am too late i think for the competition now but i just wanted to say- what a wonderful thing to do and it is a really great and cool idea for a giveaway.

Becky G.

I'm not sure if you meant recipe in general, or favorite PW recipe, but I'll go with the later. Love, love, love the sheet cake, and hubby loves the BBQ Meatballs.


Oh man, am I too late! My feeder still won't update you so I decided to take a peak just now!!

Anywho, my absolute favorite recipe must be The Poor Man's Pudding; that stuff simply rocks! AND it fills that rich chocolate need that we women crave!

I wish I was there with you when you met her, thanks for sharing, Sarah!

Spruce Hill

Ill let it slide!
My day to day life while kicking cancers butt
Images from my everyday life

Spruce Hill

Actually you made it by 25 minutes!
My day to day life while kicking cancers butt
Images from my everyday life

Dot O

What a great idea, Sarah!! You ARE so sweet and Eileen is one lucky lady! Now, she just has to stock up on butter, cream, and other sinfully delicious ingredients!!!


congrats eileen!

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