One-Line Bio

Blogging country life, photography and my love of cooking, I am also a breast cancer survivor!


I am a 42 year old stay at home Mom living the dream life in the country on a small farm. I have three daughters and a happy marriage. In January of 2008 all that changed. Breasts cancer, were not the words I expected to hear my doctor say, I was diagnosed at the age of 41. I did everything right. I went to my yearly doctors appointments and had mammograms, ate well, I exercised. After my diagnosis my world was spinning out of control. I had cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes. Fear for my family was the most devastating part of my cancer. How could we cope as a family, How could I deal with telling my children about my cancer? How could I beat it? We had a tough 11 months but we all made it through together. Each chipping in wear we could. I started to blog my experiences on my personal blog Spruce Hill. I started to connect with woman all over the world who also have cancer. Blogging changed how I looked at my cancer. It gave me strength I did not know I possessed. It helped for a sort of sisterhood for me, of woman I could talk to and time of the day or night. It became a bright spot in a dark time in my life. Now our family is back to normal, but I still struggle everyday with survivorship


gardening, reading, photography, cooking and baking, raising my three girls to be thoughtful, honest, and smart. hobby farming, raising and riding horses. kicking cancer's butt!